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  • Generic Comfort Rack1/N
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    Generic Comfort Rack1/N

    Generic Comfort Rack1 / N - black laminated chipboard rack. On six convenient shelves, you can neatly place both your personal library and office documents. Free shelves can be filled with various decorative ornaments, which will make the rack not only a convenient place to store books and documents, but also a bright addition to the interior design.

  • Generic Comfort Rack1/NB
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    Generic Comfort Rack1/NB

    Generic Comfort Rack1/NB is a stylish Generic Comfort shelf made of black laminated chipboard with blue edging. It has very comfortable and spacious shelves that can easily accommodate a sophisticated book lover's library, a collection of discs and games from your favorite console, boxes with board games and much more.

  • Generic Comfort Rack1/NE
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    Generic Comfort Rack1/NE

    Generic Comfort Rack1/NE - black and green shelving unit. Made of durable laminated chipboard 25 mm thick. Six spacious shelves with a depth of 35 cm allow you to place on the rack not only a large number of books, but also many other items, such as disks with games for the console or decorative decorations.

  • Generic Comfort Rack1/NO
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    Generic Comfort Rack1/NO

    Generic Comfort Rack1/NO - black rack with orange edges. Thanks to the 35 cm deep shelves, it has a large storage capacity. Bright edges give the shelving a stylish modern look, making it a great addition to your interior design.

  • Generic Comfort Rack1/NR
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    Generic Comfort Rack1/NR

    Generic Comfort Rack1/NR is a convenient and high-quality rack made of black-light chipboard with red edges. It has a stylish, yet very laconic design. Six spacious shelves can accommodate books, magazines, document folders, or decorative ornaments.

  • Generic Comfort Rack1/NW
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    Generic Comfort Rack1/NW

    Generic Comfort Rack1/NW is a shelf made of black chipboard, the edges of which are framed with a white edge. Spacious shelves in the amount of six pieces allow you to place a whole mini-archive of documents or a personal library on it.

  • Generic Comfort Rack1/NY
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    Generic Comfort Rack1/NY

    Generic Comfort Rack1/NY - stylish black and yellow whatnot. Due to its bright and modern design, it will be an excellent addition to almost any interior, and large roomy shelves allow you to rationally place many useful items on it, from books and magazines to a variety of decorative ornaments.