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  • Nek Club/DS/N computer desk
    $179Learn more

    Nek Club/DS/N computer desk

    Nek Club/DS/N is a stylish and comfortable black gaming desk at a very attractive price. Made of laminated chipboard 16mm thick. Due to its compact size and unusual design, the model will perfectly fit into a modern interior.

  • Nek Club/DS/NB computer desk
    $179Learn more

    Nek Club/DS/NB computer desk

    Nek Club/DS/NB is a black gaming computer table with blue edges at a bargain price. Made of laminated chipboard 16mm thick. Bold modern design with X-shaped elements will make this table one of the main decorations of your room.

  • Nek Club/DS/NE computer desk
    $179Learn more

    Nek Club/DS/NE computer desk

    Nek Club/DS/NE is a black gaming table with green edges at such an attractive price. Has a bright modern design and high ergonomics. The worktop with a special ergonomic recess is compact, but at the same time you can easily place everything you need on it.

  • Nek Club/DS/NO computer desk
    $179Learn more

    Nek Club/DS/NO computer desk

    Nek Club/DS/NO is a compact black gaming desk with orange edges at an affordable price. Optimally selected tabletop dimensions allow you to place everything you need on the table and at the same time it will not take up much space in the room.

  • Nek Club/DS/NR computer desk
    $179Learn more

    Nek Club/DS/NR computer desk

    Nek Club/DS/NR is a black gaming desk with bright red edges at a low price. In the front of the tabletop there is a special ergonomic niche, thanks to which you do not have to keep your elbows suspended even while playing.

  • Nek Club/DS/NW computer desk
    $179Learn more

    Nek Club/DS/NW computer desk

    Nek Club/DS/NW is a classic black computer desk with white edges. Possesses high ergonomics - a special niche in the front of the table top makes it possible to put your elbows on the table, which will provide maximum comfort for your hands and forearms.

  • Nek Club/DS/NY computer desk
    $179Learn more

    Nek Club/DS/NY computer desk

    Nek Club/DS/NY is an inexpensive ergonomic computer desk for gamers. Made of 16 mm. Black chipboard with bright yellow edges. The drawer side and X-shaped side legs give the table a stylish modern look, while the convenient niche in the front of the tabletop allows you to sit at the table with maximum comfort.