• Generic Comfort Office Boss/N/W – the computer desk of the Office series executed in classical black and white colors. The ergonomic niche in a table-top will allow to be located conveniently at a table, having provided to wrists and forearms reliable support. Surfaces of a desk are decorated with the unusual drawing in office style. The image is applied by means of the ultra-violet press. At the expense of this method, the drawing turns out durable, with high resistance to attrition. But feature of this method is drawing the drawing an additional layer therefore he acts on 0.2 mm over a surface. Taking into account it, on this table it is recommended to use a rug for a mouse.

  • Brand Generic Comfort
    Series Office
    Color Белый
    Tabletop dimensions 120х80 cm
    The dimensions of the worktop recess Trapezium with bases 40 and 55 cm, height 20 cm
    Height adjustment Adjustable legs
    Height 75 cm
    Weight 40 kg
    Maximum load 150 kg
    Warranty 2 years