Frequently asked questions

  • 1. Upon getting the desk, the box was obviously damaged. What to do?
  • The easiest way is to refuse to receive the parcel. In this case, be sure to write down the reason for the refusal on the courier's consignment note: improper condition of the good. Another way is to open the box and check the contents before the courier leaves. Even if the table appears to be intact, complete the claim form enclosed in the box. Be sure to note that the packaging of the goods was damaged upon delivery. In any case, be sure to get the signature of the courier of the transport company on the claim! Pay attention: if the claim is not written, or there is no courier's signature, our store reserves the right to consider this circumstance as a basis for refusing to consider the buyer’s appeal.

    Claim form

  • 2. How can I replace damaged parts?
  • If damage is found, please contact our support service by tel. +1 (737) 710-1714 or via email info@generic-comfort.com. Our assistants will analyze the situation and answer how and when you can get a replacement if all the conditions of par.1 are fulfilled. You will need a scan of the completed claim signed by the courier of the transport company.

  • 3. Can I get a refund for damaged goods?
  • Within 2 weeks after delivery, you can request a refund for any product, but in this case, the return shipping is paid by the customer. Regarding damaged desks, a refund is provided if the conditions of par. 1 are fulfilled.

  • 4. How long do I have to wait for a new desk or replacement parts?
  • The maximum standard period for the delivering of parts or a whole product for replacement is 30 working days, excluding the delivery time to your locality. But, of course, we try to ship much earlier :)

  • 5. What should I do if, after opening the box, the table turned out to be defective?
  • If the box was not damaged upon delivery, and defects were revealed before or during the building of the desk, you should follow par. 2.

  • 6. Can someone other except for me take the table?
  • The personal presence of the recipient indicated in the consignment note is required. If this condition is impossible, you need to complete a power of attorney for the actual recipient in free form. This is necessary so that he can complete a claim for the transport company in case of damage.

  • 7. How long can I report damage after receiving the desk?
  • It is highly desirable to report any identified defects as quickly as possible. The maximum term is 1 month after receiving.

  • 8. What damages are considered sufficient reason for contacting our store with a claim?
  • All violations of the integrity of the desk cover, obvious deviations from the model images on our website, discrepancy of furniture fittings with holes can be sufficient reason for such appeal, if they did not arise during the building and exploitation of the table.

  • 9. What are the guarantees that in case of damage of the desk I will receive a refund or exchange of goods?
  • By purchasing a table in our online shop, you enter into an offer contract. It spelled out guarantees for the supply of quality goods and prompt reclamation service in the event of claims to this quality.

  • 10. Do I have to pay return shipping for in case of replacing a good?
  • If all the conditions are fulfilled, and you have received a positive decision to replace the goods, all the movement of goods is paid for by our store. You pay nothing!