Generic Comfort - modern workstations providing a wide range of positions for those who spend countless hours working at the computer. You have an opportunity to walk, stand, sit or even lie down, look at the monitor from above or below, and switch your body position in just a few seconds. All of this will positively affect your work productivity and efficiency.

Working at the computer while walking

The combination of desk and treadmill frequently has a positive effect on work results. A frequent physical exercise helps you reduce tension levels, “relax your mind” and find an unorthodox solution to a problem. Many of us prefer to walk about instead of sitting in one place. Of course, a daily exercise still helps you care about your health and reduce the risk of sugar diabetes, obesity, heart attacks and many other problems associated with the reduced movement.

Working at the computer while standing

Research by academics at A&M University in Texas in 2016 revealed that standing at the workstation not only burned calories but improved concentration and cognitive function and increased productivity among working adults. The academics assessed the benefit of using a height-adjustable table at +46%..

Working at the computer while sitting

This is the office worker’s classical position. However, a correct posture while sitting at the computer is only possible if the workplace is properly thought out. The desk and chair must be ergonomic; arms must be relaxed and the elbows able to rest fully on the desk.

Working at the computer while lying down

The word “cyber console” first appeared in the early 21st century. The term usually refers to a complex workstation in which the chair and the monitor support are attached to a metallic frame which allows the person to work while almost lying down with the monitor suspended above them. We, at Generic Comfort, believe firmly in modular design: each element of our sets can be acquired separately. As well as combining increased functionality and potential for upgrade, this approach significantly reduces the price of the cyber console. Average prices for the Artwork Station, Zero Gravity Workstation and Okamura Cruise Station systems vary between $5,000 and $20,000. Prices for the Generic Comfort system vary between $800 and $1,500.

Working at the computer in an armchair

If you simply read the news, check mails or use the computer in a way that does not require active use of mouse and keyboard, you can use a computer armchair with a back that holds your spine straight and has additional holders for notebook and tablet. It can also be moved closer to the window, for example, thus completely removing the need to spend time at the desk.