• Generic Comfort Gamer2/VS/NC - computer desk, featuring its original design. The black surface of the table is decorated with brown edges and a pattern of brown. The method of imaging is ultraviolet printing, so the drawing is bright and durable, with high abrasion resistance. However, the peculiarity of this method is that the image is applied by layers and protrudes 0.2 mm above the surface, so when using this table it is recommended to use a mouse pad.

  • Brand Generic Comfort
    Series Gamer2
    Color Черный
    Tabletop dimensions 150x90 cm
    The dimensions of the worktop recess Trapezium with bases 40 and 55 cm, height 20 cm
    Height adjustment Adjustable legs
    Height 75 cm
    Weight 50 kg
    Maximum load 200 kg
    Warranty 2 years