• Generic Comfort Gamer2/DS/NE - comfortable and stylish computer desk that matches with gaming chairs color. Big table top with front recess allows to sit with the maximum comfort - you don't have to hold elbows raised even while playing. Back recess allows to stretch your legs. This table is steady and reliable, it can bear a load up to 200 kg. The wide choise of colors helps you to find a desk that matches with your dear gaming chair. Big countertop - with no harm a gaming PC can be placed on the desk with water-cooling. Ergonomic recess - you can put elbows on the table and prevent arms numbness and carpal tunnel progression.

  • Brand Generic Comfort
    Series Gamer2
    Color Черный
    Tabletop dimensions 150x90 cm
    The dimensions of the worktop recess Trapezium with bases 40 and 55 cm, height 20 cm
    Height adjustment Adjustable legs
    Height 75 cm
    Weight 50 kg
    Maximum load 200 kg
    Warranty 2 years