• GenericComfort Active3/N - ergonomic computer table with variable height. The height adjustment is carried out by means of the built-in electric drive easily and quickly, and wide range it is allows now possible to work with the computer both sitting and standing. A special niche in the table top makes it possible to completely place the arms on the table.

    • Idler speed: 25-38 mm/s.
    • Loaded speed:20-25 mm/s.
    • Noise level: 25 db.

  • Brand Generic Comfort
    Series Activ3
    Color Черный
    Tabletop dimensions 150x85 cm
    The dimensions of the worktop recess Trapezium with bases 40 and 55 cm, height 20 cm
    Height adjustment 65-130 cm
    Weight 50 kg
    Warranty 2 years