• Generic Comfort Line / NY - black and yellow gaming table. Invented specifically for placement in computer clubs, so the table top is small, and at the top there is a special shelf for placing the system unit. Thanks to this approach, the table is quite compact and allows you to use the space of the club to the maximum. The ergonomic 15 cm trapezoidal recess in the front of the tabletop allows you to sit at the table with the greatest comfort. It is possible to connect several tables in a row or in pairs "back to back".

    * At the request of the customer, the table can be modified: changed dimensions, added holes for cable management, cup holders, hooks for bags and headphones, lighting, etc.

    ** The photo shows options that are not included in the basic set: reinforced table top 25mm., Lattice partition, second logo.

  • Brand Generic Comfort
    Series Line
    Color Черный
    Tabletop dimensions 110х75 см
    The dimensions of the worktop recess Трапеция с основаниями 40 и 55 см, высотой 15 см
    Height 170 cm
    Weight 50 kg
    Maximum load 200 kg